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How to make this beautiful necklace made from hardware washers...

(The finished product)

Handmade Necklace Craft

Supplies Needed:

Hardware store washer
Jewelry cording
Any paper with a small motif (wallpaper, scrap-booking paper, etc.)
Craft scissors or knife
Craft glue
Diamond glaze craft medium
Small paintbrush

Here's how to make these washer necklaces:

craft supplies

Step 1: Purchase inexpensive hardware store washers.  Make sure the hole in the center is large enough for the cord you choose.

Step 2: Use cording designed for making jewelry (with clasps on the ends -  or you can tie your necklace). Select paper with an interesting design.  Here I’ve used a stone look from an old wallpaper book.  You can use scrap-booking paper, cards, any paper image you like. 

Step 3: Trace the washer onto the back of your paper.

Step 4: With small scissors or craft knife, carefully cut out your paper “donut”.  With craft glue adhere the paper to one side of the washer.

Step 5: With a small paintbrush apply a layer of diamond glaze medium over the paper.  The medium will not run over the edges.  Don’t make it too thick or it will take forever to dry and may remain gummy.  (Wash brush with warm water). 

Step 6: Allow pendant to dry for 24 hours.  Now simply thread the cord through itself and you have a beautiful pendant that looks like a stone.  (Fun papers can end up looking like funky beads such as the other pendant shown in this photo). 

This gift is easy to make and can be customized to fit your recipient.


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