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How to make this thoughtful gift basket arrangement...

(The finished product)

thoughtful craft gift

Supplies Needed:

1 Ceramic Flower Pot
1 Yard Of Satin Ribbon
1 Yard Of Tulle
1 Silk Flower
Miscellaneous Goodies & Small Gifts
Hot Glue Gun & Glue

Here's how to make this gift basket:

craft supplies

Step 1: Start with your ceramic flower pot (or gift box).

Step 2: Stuff the gift box with tissue paper or craft paper so the gift items will stand tall and be visible.

Step 3: Place the tallest items in your gift box at the back of the gift box.

Step 4: Continue filling the gift box from back to front using the next smallest items all the way down to the shortest items.

Your gift box should look similar to this.

Step 5: Using white tulle, wrap the gift box and gather together excess tulle at the top of basket.

Step 6: Tie a satin ribbon around the top of the gathered tulle.

After you tie a knot to hold the tulle in place, create a beautiful bow with the remaining ribbon.

Step 7: With a hot glue gun, apply the silk flower on to the knot part of your bow.

Step 8: When you are finshed, your gift box should look something like this.


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