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How to make a child growth chart...

(The finished product)

Growth Chart Crafts

Supplies Needed:

3ft x 5in x 1in piece of good quality wood
Wood letters (large or small) found at Michaels
Wood Shapes to go with your chart theme, also found at Michaels
Craft Paint – for wood and wood letters
Paint Pen for chart markings
Sawtooth Picture Hanger (small or medium) for hanging your chart
Glue Gun or Wood Glue


Here's how to make this wood craft child growth chart:

Step 1: Sand the edges and any rough spots on your piece of wood to make sure it is totally smooth.

Step 2: Remove all stickers and tags from your letters and wood shapes and make sure the edges of your letters are all totally smooth (sand as needed).

Step 3: Coat the entire piece of wood with paint primer for best results.

It is up to you if you want to paint the back side. I do if I am giving as a gift, but for my own children I only did the front and sides.

Allow the paint to dry completely.

Step 4: Paint your piece of wood with the color of your choice, make sure everything that is seen is painted (and the back if you wish).

Allow the paint to dry completely.

Step 5: Coat your letters with primer paint as well. (it is not necessary to do the back side of the letters).

Step 6: Paint and decorate your letters as you wish. I have done every other letter different colors, all the same colors, polka dots, plain, stripes etc.

You can even buy mini shapes and apply those to the letters, let your imagination be your guide!

Step 7: With a tape measure lined up along the side you want your actual chart to be, make the chart markings (inch and feet marks) in very light pencil.

Make sure you make longer markings on the feet markings so you can see the difference between the inch and feet marks. This will help in the next step.

Step 8: Using a paint marker (color of your choice) make the markings permanent. I make a longer line on the feet markings and a smaller line on the inches, but this is totally what you feel looks good on your chart. Mark the feet numbers, start with 2 feet (you will hang your chart up 2 feet off the ground) so you will have a 2 feet, 3 feet, 4 feet and 5 feet marker on the chart)

Step 9: Turn chart over and attach the Sawtooth hook on the back, make sure this is straight and centered on your chart

Step 10: Turn chart back over to front and place your letters and wood shapes how you would like them.

Piece by piece apply glue to the backs and place back on chart. I use a hot glue gun currently but have used wood glue in the past.

I prefer a hot glue gun now because it is instant. If you do use wood glue make sure chart stays lying flat until completely dry! If you stand it up too soon everything will slide off

Step 11: Once everything is dry you can hang your chart!

Hang 2 feet off the ground and voila, a beautiful growth chart made with love.

I use a sharpie marker to mark the kiddos growth.


Here are some other growth charts to give you some additional design ideas:
These were done with the little letters available at Michaels. My rule of thumb is I use the large letters for smaller names (3 letters) and the small letters for longer names. Remember the longer the name the less shapes you need and the more creative with the letters you can be.


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