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How to make a glass votive candle holder...

(The finished product)

Glass Votive Candle Craft Project

Supplies Needed:

Alcohol Inks (such as Pinata from Jacquard)
Glass votive holder
Leafing pen (gold, silver, copper or other metallic color)
Disposable rubber gloves (protect your hands from getting ink on them)

Here's how to make this glass votive candle holder:

Step 1: Start with a plain glass votive candle holder like the one show to the left.

Step 2: Utilizing a plain glass votive holder, gently dab leafing pen over the surface in random pool dots.

Step 3: Next, utilizing alcohol inks, slowly add color over the surface of the glass and allowing color to blend with the leafing pen. Take a sponge and blend colors further creating what is known as a polished stone technique.

Step 4: When surface is covered and marbled to your liking, dab additional color from sponge along the bottom of the glass and also around the rim.  Allow to dry for a few minutes.

Step 5: Add fibers around top 1/3 of holder to decorate. 

Step 6: Add tealight, light and enjoy.

Here's how your new tealight will look at night with the candle lit.


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