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How to make this gorgeous money holder (great gift idea!)

This unique money holder is a classy way to present a cash gift in lieu of increasingly popular gift cards, which lock the recipient into a particular store.  Ideal for group gifts like teacher’s gifts, baby showers, wedding or graduation presents.  This money holder can be made to fit any occasion by using theme-appropriate materials.  The sample shown is a generic, all-occasion theme.

money holder gift craft

Supplies Needed:

1 piece of foam project board (usually comes in poster board size and can be found at any craft store)
12”x12” piece of cardstock, the color and design of your choice.
36” of decorative ribbon, the color and design of your choice.
48” of decorative ribbon of a complimentary color/design to the other ribbon.
1 razor blade or xacto knife
glue gun
various embellishments (beads, decorative brads, etc.)
pen or pencil
money to be placed in the holder

Here's how to make this unique gift idea:

Supplies used for this project

Supplies used for this project

Step 1: Line up 12”x12” cardstock with corner of foam project board.  By doing this, you will only have to cut two sides of the project board.

Step 2: Carefully trace around the outside of cardstock.  I have used a black marker for visual purposes, but it is best to use pencil to avoid marking up the edge of your cardstock.

Step 3: Remove the cardstock to reveal the outline of the 12”x12” square on project board.

Step 4: Carefully use a razor blade to cut out the 12”x12” square on project board.

Step 5: Be sure you are cutting all the way through the thickness of the project board.

Step 6: Remove 12”x12” square from board and set aside.

Step 7: Cut 2 12” lengths of your decorative ribbon to be mounted in a cross manner on the front of the “present.”  Here I have used three strips of narrower 5/8” ribbon to be laid adjacent to each other, but you may have only one strip, depending on your design and ribbon width. 

Step 8: Use a glue gun to mount the ribbon down the center of the cardstock, from top to bottom.  Again, here I am using three strips laid next to each other…you may only have one.

Step 9: Once the ribbon is glued from top to bottom, you can lay the second piece of ribbon lengthwise across the center.

Step 10: Hot glue the second piece of ribbon.

Step 11: Next you need to determine how many bills of currency your gift will hold, and thus how you will arrange them on your cardstock.  This is up to you, but regardless of the number, you will need a 1 5/8” slot for each bill.  I have 12 bills, so am going to put three on each square of my cardstock.

Step 12: To determine how to space the bills, fold a bill in half, then in half again.

Step 13: Then fold the bill in half the other direction.  This is the approximate size of the portion of each bill that will protrude from each slot.

Step 14: This is how I will arrange my bills.  Make a 1 5/8” line for each bill slot, spacing 2” apart to allow the bills to protrude.

Step 15: Make a mark for every bill to be inserted in your gift.

Step 16: Lay cardstock on top of your 12”x12” project board and carefully slice along each slot mark with a razor blade, using the foam project board as a “cutting board.”  Do not worry about cutting into the board a bit, as it will not show in the finished project.

Step 17: Slip the twice-folded bills into each slot.

Step 18: Once all the money is inserted, you can determine where you have room for additional embellishments like decorative brads, beads, etc.

Step 19: I have used decorative brads to embellish my cardstock.  Be sure not to push brads through the money, or get glue on the money.  You do not want to do anything that will inhibit the money from being easily removed from the slots.

Step 20: Once the embellishments are complete, you are ready to mount the cardstock to the 12”x12” project board.

Step 21: Place hot glue along one edge of the project board, being careful to not glue any money to the board during this step. 

Step 22: Firmly press cardstock to adhere to the edge of the board.  Repeat with remaining three sides.

Step 23: Once mounted, the money should be easily slipped in and out of each slot.

Step 24: Cut 4 12” lengths of your second, coordinating ribbon to trim the outer edges of board.

Step 25: Hot glue one 12” length to each edge, folding over to cover the edge of foam board.  Trim edges of ribbon as necessary to make nice, even corners.

Step 26: Once all your edges are nicely trimmed, you are ready for the finishing step.

Step 27: Tie a bow for the top of your “present.”

Step 28: Hot glue bow to the top center
 of board.

Step 29: Your Money Holder is complete and ready to delight its recipient!  You may wish to write a personalized message to the recipient on the back, or create a small “gift tag” to attach to the bow.

Note:  If creating this for a group gift situation, where additional money may be contributed, simply slip the extra money into one of the existing slots with another bill.  There is no need to cut additional slots, which would disrupt your layout and design.


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