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How to make these beautiful drink coasters...

(The finished product)

Drink Coaster Crafts

Supplies Needed:

4 plain bathroom shower tiles (Hardware Store)
Various colors of scrapbook paper (12" x 12")
Mod Podge clear coat paint
Adhesive backed felt circles or cork pads
Glue (stick glue works best)
Scissors, exacto knife, ink pen, paint and/or foam brush

Here's how to make these handmade drink coasters:

Step 1: Purchase plain shower tiles at your local Hardware store.  Price ranges from .13 - .20 each or less.

Step 2: Purchase scrapbook paper, the 12x12 is the best as you can get more squares out of it, any color or design that you like best to go in your home.

Step 3: Take the scrapbook paper and turn over so you are on the back side, line up a tile in the corner edge of one side and push down to make imprints of the tile on the paper. 

Do this in all 4 corners of the paper.

Step 4: Take the imprinted paper and a pen and lightly mark guidelines where the imprint is, this will make it easier when you cut them out.

Step 5: Once all of the squares are marked, your scrapbook paper should look like this.

Step 6: Cut the paper into the 4 squares using your guidelines.

Step 7: Take 1 tile, 1 paper square and glue.  I use a glue stick as it is easier to use and its colored so you can see where you have been, but any glue can work.  If you use bottled glue make sure you smooth the glue out so you do not have any glue bumps under the paper when it is dry.  Apply generously to the edges of the tile, this is where the paper can pull if not glued down well. 

Step 8: Cover tile completely in glue.

Step 9: Neatly place paper square over tile so all edges are lined up and push to adhere paper to tile.  Make sure it is attached well and smooth.

Step 10: Once glue is dry cut any overlapping paper from the tile edges.  Scissors or an exacto knife do this very well.

Step 11: Gather your paper covered tiles, a small sponge or paint brush and glossy Mod Podge, apply a thin layer of the mod podge over entire tile and edges. 

This dries completely clear but take care that the coat is even and smooth, it will make the finished product that much more beautiful.

Step 12: Allow to dry completely, I let mine dry overnight. 

Place felt circle pads (pictured) or cork circle pads in all four corners of backside of coaster, this will help prevent damage to furniture when coaster is in use.

Step 13: You can group together the four coasters, tie a bow around them and give them as a unique handmade gift as show to the left.


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